100 Word Challenge Week#15

Today is the day that lots of the girls have planned for, since the start of the year. My dress is a RED dress with bright shoes. Like all my other sisters on the night of your graduation you get a present. When I OPENED it I was NERVOUS because what happens if they got me  a really weird necklace they wanted me to wear?

It was weird though because I knew my name would be called out last. But to my horror they said  Jillian   Honda instead of Jillian  Zonda!!!!  It felt really strange because  at the CELEBRATION they had a name roll and it said Honda not Zonda! It   felt STRANGE.


2014 Canberra Camp Reacount


I couldn’t believe it when we went to the sports museum. Almost all the male basketball players are shorter than the male volleyball players.

In the volleyball centre they actually have the real floor from the Sydney Olympics, as one of the courts.

All the male volleyball players can (at least) make (when jumping) there hips reach the net! I believe one or two of them (so not many, is what I mean) can actually jump so high that there feet are as high as the net.

The tallest volleyball player (at the AIS) was around 2.18 meters tall!! Because they are all so tall they have tall doors!

When they jump very high they get injuries in their knees and ankle, so on their ankles they wear support straps and on their knees they wear protection.

There are two courts, the court with the Sydney Olympic court has moved into the AIS volleyball court is made up of-(starting from the bottom to the top it goes)foam, wood, then a few others. The reason why there are so many layers of flooring is to absorb the shock science they jump all the time, to help prevent injuries.

The two major advantages is being tall and jumping high, so that’s why it’s good to have so many layers of flooring.


Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 4 Q 22

Prediction: I predict that I will use prior knowledge to assist me

Read: blank divided by 5=9

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify

Mathematician’s toolbox: I will be using brake the problem up into manageable parts.


1. 9×5= 45 so I need to put 45 in the blank spot for the answer.

Conclusion this problem was relatively easy to solve.


Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 5, 2014



Prediction I predict that this sum will get you thinking.

Read: Which deal costs less per gram?

a)$5 fo 500g b) $3 for 250g

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Mathematician’s toolbox: I will be using brake the problem into manageable parts.


  1. 1.  In a) it is $1 per 100g.
  2. 2.  In b) it is more than $1 per 100g

3. So the answer is a)

Conclusion this problem was easy to solve.



Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 4 Q 22




Prediction I predict that this sum we will use prior knowledge.

Read: 36 divided by blank =4

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Mathematician’s toolbox: I will be using work backwards.


  1. 1.  I know that 9×4=36.

2. So we should put the 9 in the blank spot.

3. This is what the answer will look like: 36 divided by 9=4

Conclusion: this problem was easy to solve.




green h gas bar graph

Transport            5.400

Air travel              0.000

Heating and cooling        0.000

Hot water            0.955

Clothes dryer     0.234

Lighting                0.783

Refrigeration     1.439

Cooking                0.984

Other Appliances             1.173

Food & Shopping             6.410

Waste   -0.000


100 Word Challenge Week #10


I have a picnic in my magical forest once a month. I always look for injured unicorns… But they always run away so they must be fine.

Right now I am looking for injured animals to help. There is nothing to gross for ‘nurse Belle’ ( that’s me).

I am looking around for injured, hurt or abandoned animals. Ahhh found one. It’s a little egg with a crack in it. I put the cracked, shivering egg in my ‘stretcher’ and take it to mum and dad.

“MUM DAD there is an injured egg here CAN YOU HELP ME?”

As it shivered, they didn’t believe me.


100 Word Challenge Week 11, 2014


It was pin drop quiet for whole minute of silence. The minute to remember people who fought in war. This is an acrostic poem about remembrance day that my class made today:


Everyone who fought in war.

Making everyone aware about the sodiors who fought for our country.

Being grateful for what we have.






Every soldier


Day to night


Yearly.is our poem about Remembrance Day.



Behind The News- Fire Fighting Kids, 2014

This BTN was about:

– The CFS (= Country Fire Service) is running a program for kids to show them what it is like to be in the CFS.

-Because there has been bad fires recently they want as many people to join the CFS helping stop bush fires.

– This program is also giving these kid the right training so that when there 16 they can join the CFS.