2014 Canberra Camp Reacount


I couldn’t believe it when we went to the sports museum. Almost all the male basketball players are shorter than the male volleyball players.

In the volleyball centre they actually have the real floor from the Sydney Olympics, as one of the courts.

All the male volleyball players can (at least) make (when jumping) there hips reach the net! I believe one or two of them (so not many, is what I mean) can actually jump so high that there feet are as high as the net.

The tallest volleyball player (at the AIS) was around 2.18 meters tall!! Because they are all so tall they have tall doors!

When they jump very high they get injuries in their knees and ankle, so on their ankles they wear support straps and on their knees they wear protection.

There are two courts, the court with the Sydney Olympic court has moved into the AIS volleyball court is made up of-(starting from the bottom to the top it goes)foam, wood, then a few others. The reason why there are so many layers of flooring is to absorb the shock science they jump all the time, to help prevent injuries.

The two major advantages is being tall and jumping high, so that’s why it’s good to have so many layers of flooring.

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