BehindThe News- Skipping School, 2014

This BTN was about kids that go to school are taking days off for silly reasons like that it is there birthday or just because they don’t want to go to school. If you miss school for no particular reason it can play a big impact on what you learn. imaging if you didn’t go to school because you just couldn’t be bothered you could miss something important.


100 Word Challenge week #9, 2014


Ahh swimming in a nice pool in the hot sun, could life get any better I wonder?

But I spoke to soon… my head starts spinning, the water is turning green and people are running away from me!! I turn around scared wondering what is going on. To my surprise there is a dirty scary cat with a scary smile and a ‘banana’ leg it was quite broken and had literally lifted his leg onto his back.

I start yelling “mum help!!!!” my body starts shaking and I realise it was just a dream.


100 Word Challenge week #8


“Hhhhelo is anyone there?” I mumbled. I got a creepy anonymous letters from newspaper that was like those letters that the villains in the movies use. It read:

Meet me at Albert Park 3 o’clock on the 10/8 / 14 look for a person wearing a red shirt and say the bee fly’s north in summer. They will reply with the ants migrate winter.


So I went at the right time to the right place, there was about 1 person in red. So I said the code and he said it back. I got lead to a darthvader thing it opened and that’s all I’m allowed to say stuck under here.


100 Word Challenge- Week#7, 2014

Recently I moved house. My house is right next to a sewer.

Sewer = smell and sewer next to house= smelly house.

When I first moved in to my house I could not believe the smell!! My mum bought air fresheners and smelling oils. It didn’t work well, it only worked temporarily. Every day you wake up and just want to (how can I put this) – put a sock in it!!!



BTN- Troll Trouble, 2014

This BTN was about trolls. Trolls and cyber bully’s are of called the same thing when in actual fact they are quite different. A cyber bully is someone who targets someone repeatedly where as a troll does it to more people and if you ignore it the troll will most likely go away.


Science Project Reflection, Term 3, 2014

I worked with Marley and Cindy (except when I joined Cindy was away).

What is the topic? The topic is bush fires.

Research methods and note taking: I was not there when Cindy and Marley did all the research (as I got put with them on the 2nd last day of school).

How did I work with my partner: Marley and I worked really well together. We considered each other’s ideas as well.

Format of the presentation: Today we will be showing a PowerPoint with the entire questions and a definition, a poster with bush fire effected areas and a model of what your house should NOT look like in bush fire season.

How much work did I do: I made the cue cards, the model of what NOT to do in bush fire season, I helped with the PowerPoint, helped answer 1 or 2 questions and made the bibliography.

Anything I would change: I would probably change the layout of the project, so the order of where everything goes.



Literature Circles Reflection, 2014

Title: Hover Car Racer.

Author: Matthew Reilly

Year it was published:  It was first published in 2004

Group members and their roles:

  • Me discussion director.
  • Grace Tally master
  • Tait connector
  • Oli word watcher
  •  Ben w passage master

What worked well in your group: I believe that taking in turns of sharing and everyone doing the requested homework worked well.

Considerations for the future: having smaller groups because it is easier to hear and work with a smaller group. But in a big group it takes longer.


Plus: if you make a mistake it doesn’t matter because it is pre-recorded.

Minus: Someone in our group didn’t want to do it so we decided instead of getting him he wouldn’t be in it.

Interesting: the only way to express is to use emotion in your voice.

Any other information: to get kids engaged a bit more use newer books based on knowledge about what books the kids like.



Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 4 Q 22, 2014

Prediction:  I predict that this problem will be similar to other problems I have solved.

Read: The sum of four consecutive whole numbers is 94. What are the four numbers?

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

The big question: what is the sum of four consecutive whole numbers?

Mathematician’s tool-box: Break the problem into manageable parts.


  1. 1.  There is no consecutive number that equals 90 so let’s make it 80. 20+20+20+20=80
  2. 2.  2, 3, 4 and 5 equals 14, and 80+14= 94.

3. Add a 20 with 2, 3, 4 or 5.

4. Here are the answers: 22, 23, 24 and 25.

Conclusion: since I have done a similar problem it was a bit easier.



Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 1, 2014

Prediction: I predict that this sum will be hard to solve.

Read: the sum of two consecutive whole numbers is 97. What are the two numbers?

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

The big question: what are the two consecutive numbers?

Mathematician’s tool-box: Break the problem into manageable parts.


1. There are no to 10’s that equal 90. (Plus they need to be consecutive.)

2.  40+40= 80 and 8+9=17 if you add them together it equals 97.

3. To get this number all you have to do is make both of the numbers start with 40 and make one number 48 an the other 49.

Conclusion: some parts of this sum were harder than others.