100 Word Challenge Week#15

Today is the day that lots of the girls have planned for, since the start of the year. My dress is a RED dress with bright shoes. Like all my other sisters on the night of your graduation you get a present. When I OPENED it I was NERVOUS because what happens if they got me  a really weird necklace they wanted me to wear?

It was weird though because I knew my name would be called out last. But to my horror they said  Jillian   Honda instead of Jillian  Zonda!!!!  It felt really strange because  at the CELEBRATION they had a name roll and it said Honda not Zonda! It   felt STRANGE.


100 Word Challenge Week #10


I have a picnic in my magical forest once a month. I always look for injured unicorns… But they always run away so they must be fine.

Right now I am looking for injured animals to help. There is nothing to gross for ‘nurse Belle’ ( that’s me).

I am looking around for injured, hurt or abandoned animals. Ahhh found one. It’s a little egg with a crack in it. I put the cracked, shivering egg in my ‘stretcher’ and take it to mum and dad.

“MUM DAD there is an injured egg here CAN YOU HELP ME?”

As it shivered, they didn’t believe me.


100 Word Challenge Week 11, 2014


It was pin drop quiet for whole minute of silence. The minute to remember people who fought in war. This is an acrostic poem about remembrance day that my class made today:


Everyone who fought in war.

Making everyone aware about the sodiors who fought for our country.

Being grateful for what we have.






Every soldier


Day to night


Yearly.is our poem about Remembrance Day.



100 Word Challenge week #9, 2014


Ahh swimming in a nice pool in the hot sun, could life get any better I wonder?

But I spoke to soon… my head starts spinning, the water is turning green and people are running away from me!! I turn around scared wondering what is going on. To my surprise there is a dirty scary cat with a scary smile and a ‘banana’ leg it was quite broken and had literally lifted his leg onto his back.

I start yelling “mum help!!!!” my body starts shaking and I realise it was just a dream.


100 Word Challenge week #8


“Hhhhelo is anyone there?” I mumbled. I got a creepy anonymous letters from newspaper that was like those letters that the villains in the movies use. It read:

Meet me at Albert Park 3 o’clock on the 10/8 / 14 look for a person wearing a red shirt and say the bee fly’s north in summer. They will reply with the ants migrate winter.


So I went at the right time to the right place, there was about 1 person in red. So I said the code and he said it back. I got lead to a darthvader thing it opened and that’s all I’m allowed to say stuck under here.


100 Word Challenge- Week#7, 2014

Recently I moved house. My house is right next to a sewer.

Sewer = smell and sewer next to house= smelly house.

When I first moved in to my house I could not believe the smell!! My mum bought air fresheners and smelling oils. It didn’t work well, it only worked temporarily. Every day you wake up and just want to (how can I put this) – put a sock in it!!!



100 word challenge week #4, 2014

My little sister Pepper has always wanted a crocodile, she still has the crocodile let me tell you how she got it: When Pepper was little she used to eat an orange, sit down and come up with impossible reasons to get a crocodile. Grandma said that if Pepper asked Mum and Dad and they said yes come back to her and she will buy her one.

The only bad thing was that Pepper forgot about asking Mum and Dad! Grandma bought Pepper a crocodile, she vowed to never let the croc go!

Mum and Dad tried the ‘ soft‘ approach, which NEVER worked!

so that’s how my sister got a croc!


100 Word Challenge week #3, 2014 (picture)

“In my dream land every day we would draw pictures and visit the other side of the bridge. But one day the bridge brakes… Every one gasp!!! (No one gasps) but luckily no one is on the bridge. Right now we are all celebrating ME!!!

Any way later down the track we turned it into the all about me club!!” That’s all class, on my dream land!


100 word challenge, week #2, 2014

I usually don’t mind having to clean my whole room, except for one corner of my room. I haven’t cleaned it for 3 years… Mum is always nagging me to clean it this is pretty much how our conversations go:
Mum- Emma clean your room, and this time everywhere!!
Me- but it’s yellow!!!
Mum- you have had these little bits of shredded paper is your room for 3 years!! I don’t mind how you get rid of it, but just do it!



100 Word Challenge week #1Everytime with my brother will have some excuse that have to go somewhere or do you startTime it wasHello hello

Every time we move house there is always some drama that has been created by someone in my family a.k.a. my brother!!! This time when we moved time we moved he said he saw a rat in his room and never wanted to go in it again! Mum is terrified of rats so dad called pest control, and right now pest control is looking for the rat. ” There is no rat at all but we have put poison in the room… by the way you can use the empty room.” Said the pest control man.”

Dad is furious and says “finally we can make a start!” 

3 days later we have finally moved in, one day late!!!