Behind The News- Fire Fighting Kids, 2014

This BTN was about:

– The CFS (= Country Fire Service) is running a program for kids to show them what it is like to be in the CFS.

-Because there has been bad fires recently they want as many people to join the CFS helping stop bush fires.

– This program is also giving these kid the right training so that when there 16 they can join the CFS.



BehindThe News- Skipping School, 2014

This BTN was about kids that go to school are taking days off for silly reasons like that it is there birthday or just because they don’t want to go to school. If you miss school for no particular reason it can play a big impact on what you learn. imaging if you didn’t go to school because you just couldn’t be bothered you could miss something important.


BTN- Island Fishing ,2014

In an island called Palau, made up of 250 islands.

In Palau fishing is the way of life. Lately they have been noticing there isn’t many fish left in the water, that’s because big companies are using the same waters, they have a device that attracts fish so they can get more fish than allowed, which is illegal. Now they have marine police who check on boats and guard the waters.


BTN- Alcohol Damage, 2014

This BTN was about what the damages are of drinking alcohol at a young age (especially)

– Alcohol = Drug

– Too much alcohol can kill you.

– While a teen if you drink alcohol  you can do damage to these parts in your brain: Hippocampus: if affected can affect what gets stored in your memory and your ability to learn. Perfrontal Cortex: if affected can affect your decision making skills.

–  Can cause liver damage, stomach problems, heart disease and some types of cancer.


BTN- wood sport, 2014

This BTN was about people competing in wood chopping. There are many different categories doing different types of things involving wood. This a sport for boys and girls men and women.


BTN Body Image Campaign, 2014

This BTN was about kids not wanting to show who they are, by not doing things in public or wearing so much makeup to cover there face, these are just 2 examples. So a group of teens came up with the idea of fresh faced Friday! This was when on a certain day do one thing from a whole lot of things that were about being posotive towards yourself.


BTN- Healthy Vending, 2014

This BTN was about at Brisbane Boys Grammar they are putting fruit in vending machines that get changed everyday, lots of boys buy the fruit. It will be harder to put these vending machines everywhere as it will be harder because of supply’s.